10 January 2017

A Woman who chose Whiskey over Wine


This is an imaginary story about a Woman who chose Whiskey over Wine. Any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental.

Rahul was randomly surfing through female profiles on Facebook. Suddenly he bumped into the profile of Rajkanya. He instantly fell truly, madly, deeply, savagely, helplessly and hopelessly in love with her. He felt that she was the most beautiful woman in this Universe. He went through all her pictures and liked all of them. He posted picture-comments on most of her photos. He also immediately sent her a friend request.

After a few days Rahul saw that Rajkanya has rejected his friend request. He was heartbroken. He wanted to commit suicide. Life was not worth living anymore. He felt like leaving this material world behind and felt like going to the Himalayas. He wanted to deactivate his Facebook account and say goodbye to this cruel world. He could not accept her rejection. It totally crushed him. He felt tremendous pain on the left side of his chest. He felt as if someone had stabbed him a thousand times at his heart with a very sharp knife.

A few more days passed. Rahul quietly gathered the little pieces of his broken heart and glued them together. And continued on the journey of life. But he couldn't get Rajkanya out of his mind. Every day in the morning he would log into Facebook and check her profile. Throughout the day he kept an eye on her profile and read all her posts and stared at all her newly uploaded pictures. But now he did not post any comments on her latest photos. Before logging out of Facebook in the night he would again check her profile. While sleeping she was also there in his dreams. In one of the dreams he once kissed her on her lips. It felt like a real kiss. Even when he woke up the next morning, he could still feel the sensation of that kiss in his mind. It was a strange and crazy sensation.

A few more weeks passed. One day he gathered all the courage that he could gather together and again sent her a friend request. This time a miracle happened. She accepted his friend request after a few days. He immediately became the happiest man in this Universe. He instantly thanked God Almighty for being so kind. He instantly thanked his Guardian Angel. He also instantly thanked her for accepting his friend request. She replied back. They started chatting for the first time. Soon they started chatting everyday. They became good friends in the course of time.

A few more weeks passed. By now they became very good friends. He asked her out for lunch one day. After some initial hesitations she agreed to meet him. They met for lunch at Souk in Taj Bengal. He arrived on time and waited for her in the lobby. She was late by some minutes. As she walked in through the glass door he saw her for the first time in the real world. He could not believe his eyes. She was extremely gorgeous and absolutely amazing. She looked much more beautiful than her pictures on Facebook. The pictures did not do justice to her beauty. In the virtual world he could describe her beauty with mere words but in the real world her beauty was simply indescribable. The moment he saw her he felt like writing poetry on her skin with his lips. 

Anyways they entered Souk and selected a table. A well-dressed waiter came to take their order. Rahul asked her whether she would like to have some wine. But she said no and instead ordered whiskey. Rahul was a bit surprised at her choice. He has dated so many women over the last sixteen years and generally women tend to select red wine. But for the first time in his life a woman was ordering a glass of Jack Daniel's. He was indeed surprised. Rajkanya was totally different from all the other women. He was actually impressed by her choice.

Rahul also ordered JD for himself. They had a lovely lunch. They had a lovely adda over lunch. With each passing second he was falling deeper and deeper in love with her. She could easily see that in his eyes. She felt happy and proud at the same time. In her heart she was smiling continuously at Rahul's condition. Rahul was trying to impress her by showing off his vast knowledge on various subjects. She realized that he was trying his best to make her fall in love with him. She actually liked him a lot and thought that he was quite cute. She also liked his sense of humour. But being a woman she was obviously playing hard to get. Rahul also understood that it was going to be a long battle before victory could be achieved. But fortunately he was mentally prepared for it because he has always believed that the pleasure of the hunt lies not in the kill but in the chase...