18 January 2017

And She Named Her Son Rahul...


This is an imaginary love story which started in 2004 and ended in 2005. Any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental. Explicit content ahead. Reader discretion is advised. Only for Adults. 

The year was 2004. Rahul had just started dating Rupasree. They hit it off quite well from day one. It was love at first sight for both of them. They used to meet almost everyday. Since Rahul was studying in St. Xavier's College at that time therefore usually they used to meet in and around Park Street. They loved walking hand in hand throughout the length and breadth of Park Street.

The first time they met, Rahul instantly fell for her. He also noticed the lovely spark for him in her eyes too. But being a woman she initially tried a bit hard not to surrender immediately to his advances. He could easily anticipate her strategy and he also knew that she would not be able to defend her fort for too long and would soon succumb and surrender to his love. 

In the initial days once he asked her to meet him at Park Street Barista at 8 p.m. She refused to meet him. He told her that he would still wait for her there. At 8 p.m. he went to Barista, ordered a coffee for himself, took down the black acoustic guitar from the wall and started fidgeting with it. At around 8:30 p.m. Rupasree came to Barista. He immediately became the happiest man in this universe. But he also knew from the deepest parts of his heart that she would come. She told him that she only came to check whether he was actually waiting for her or not. But looking deep into her eyes, Rahul knew that she had already fallen for him with all her heart, mind and soul.

Rahul does not like two kinds of women - the first kind who comes to his arms easily within seconds and the second kind who takes too long to come to his arms. For the first kind, he loses his respect for them. And for the second kind, he loses his interest in them. Strange are the ways of his romantic heart! 

Anyways Rahul and Rupasree started meeting at Park Street Barista regularly. In those days Barista was on the Music World side of the road. CCD used to be next to Peter Cat. But Rahul never really liked the ambience of CCD. He only loved spending quality time with Rupasree at Barista. There used to be a black acoustic guitar in Barista which anybody could play. Rahul sometimes used to take it down from the wall and strum it. Once he noticed that the first string of that guitar was broken. The Barista management was taking too long to replace that string. So Rahul himself replaced it with his own money. In those days he used to play guitar. His first guitar teacher was the legendary jazz guitarist Carlton Kitto.

Rahul and Rupasree also used to go to Dreamland restaurant usually for dinners. Rahul loved this restaurant very much and he always used to sit in the right corner seat in the balcony. The food was very tasty and the prices were reasonable. It was not as expensive as the other restaurants in Park Street. Rahul loved having the mixed gravy noodles there. He knew the owner of this restaurant and also knew all the waiters by name. 

Rahul and Rupasree used to go to Music World quite a lot. Rahul used to buy all his audio cassettes from there. He loved listening to the free music there. He loved the overall ambience of Music World. He knew each and every staff member there by name. He loved spending hours at Music World just browsing through their huge collection. Rupasree also bought quite a few audio cassettes for him. 

On Friday and Saturday nights Rahul and Rupasree used to go to Some Place Else regularly. They loved watching the performances of the live musical bands. From there they used to go to Tantra. In those days Tantra used to be open till dawn. Sometimes before going to Some Place Else they used to go to Olypub to have beef steak and beer.

On Sundays, Rupasree used to come over to Rahul's place. They used to have lunch together on his bed while watching TV and then they used to spend the entire afternoon and evening together. She used to go back home around late evening. Sometimes they would switch off the TV and listen to the soundtrack of Veer-Zaara on a continuous loop. They both loved the songs of Veer-Zaara very much. Other times they would listen to English songs. In those days Rahul used to listen to Pink Floyd day in and day out. Infact Rahul lost his virginity to Rupasree while listening to the music of Pink Floyd in his music system. The first time he could not perform. Inspite of making out with her heavily and smooching her savagely, he still could not get it up. I guess he was too nervous in his heart and was under tremendous psychological pressure to put up a good performance. But she kindly calmed down his nerves. He was apologetic about it and it also had badly hurt his inbuilt self-esteem and ego. But again she was quite chilled out about it and asked him to simply take his time. After an hour or two, he could finally get it up and then he successfully went past the goal-post! All this happened while Pink Floyd was still playing in the background.

In those days Rahul used to drive a Maruti Esteem. It was a car-cum-bar for him and his friends. He used to have great-grand-masti inside his Esteem. Back then the AJC Bose Road Flyover had just opened up for the general public. At night Rahul used to go up and down this Flyover in very high speed in his Esteem. He also used to take Rupasree for long drives especially to the Sher-E-Punjab Dhaba at Kolaghat. Rahul loved his car very much more than anything else in this world. 

During the 2004 Durga Puja, Rahul and Rupasree went to have lunch at Peiping restaurant in Park Street. This restaurant does not exist anymore. After lunch they went to Music World. Rahul bought Cactus' 'Rajar Raja' and 'Fossils 2' albums from there. Then they went to Maddox Square. That year they spent all Durga Puja evenings at Maddox Square.

In September 2004, Rahul and Rupasree went to watch Kabir Suman's concert at Kala Mandir. This was the first time that she was attending a live performance by the great Kabir Suman. She enjoyed it tremendously. That year in December, Rahul took her to Xavotsav, the annual fest of St. Xavier's College. The Calcutta based alternative-rock band Cassini's Division performed at Xavotsav that year. 

On 31st December 2004, Rahul and Rupasree went to Nalban for the New Year Bash. It was an awesome party with unlimited food and drinks. They both got drunk and danced like there was no tomorrow. They danced like no one was watching them. They really had a blast. They french-kissed each other at the stroke of midnight. They left the venue at around 2 a.m. and came back to Rahul's place and made love. 

The 2005 Book Fair was held at Maidan. Rahul and Rupasree went there on a number of days. That year's theme country was France. A giant glass pyramid was erected inside the Maidan. The pyramid resembled the glass pyramid at Louvre Museum. But inside the pyramid it was very hot and suffocating. Anyways they both had a lovely time at the Book Fair. They also bought quite a few books. But mostly they just roamed throughout the fair ground holding each other's hands.

On 20th March 2005, Rahul and Rupasree went to the Eden Gardens on the last day of the Test Match between India and Pakistan. India won the match and they were very happy. Rahul Dravid scored a century in both the innings. 

On the day of Holi in 2005, Rahul and Rupasree went to Aquatica with some other friends and spent the whole day there. They all danced together on the rain-dance floor to the beats of the female DJ and had a gala time. 

Once Rahul took Rupasree to the Birla Planetarium. They sat on the last row and there in pitch darkness they kissed each other violently. He gave her a hickey on her neck while the fucking Mercury was in the fucking retrograde position. She also was bold enough to give him a blowjob under the constantly changing constellations. It was a heavenly experience for Rahul. This experience at the Planetarium was simply out of this world!

When Rahul and Rupasree were dating, they went together to see The Aviator, Troy, The Village, Parineeta, Veer-Zaara, Swades, Bose - The Forgotten Hero and the digitally remastered coloured version of Mughal-E-Azam in movie theatres. They were simply blown away by Mughal-E-Azam. Though they both had seen the black and white version of this film before on Doordarshan, but seeing it in the coloured version on a big screen was indeed an awesome experience of historical proportions. 

Rahul and Rupasree went together to the Joe Satriani concert at Rabindra Sarobar Stadium on 15th May 2005. The tickets were priced at Rs. 400 and Rs. 900. They bought the Rs. 400 tickets each. Inside the Stadium only one bamboo barricade was separating those who were stupid enough to buy the Rs. 900 tickets and those who were clever enough to buy the Rs. 400 tickets. Rahul and Rupasree simply jumped over the bamboo barricade and went near the stage and witnessed the great performance from close quarters. Joe Satriani weaved magic on his guitar strings. It was indeed a memorable evening for both of them.

In those days Rahul used to use a Nokia 3315 phone and Rupasree used to use a Nokia 6600 phone. In her phone he saw the then infamous DPS mms clip for the first time. Back then this mms clip had created a country wide controversy. 

Around that time the Lake Road CCD had opened up. Rahul and Rupasree also used to go there quite often. They loved sitting on the outside section and they loved smoking hookah there. Back then hookahs were available there. Nowadays its no longer available there. Back then there used to be a big Juke-Box inside Lake Road CCD and Rahul used to play his favourite songs there by buying coupons for five rupees for each song. 

In those days Rahul used to smoke a lot of cigarettes. He also used to smoke up grass by rolling it up in joints. Rupasree also tried smoking it a few times but she did not quite like it. Rahul's most favourite addiction was that of bhang which always gave him a guaranteed twelve-hour kick. 

In those days Rahul used to have long hair and used to wear a hair-band. A few times he also coloured his hair with Loreal. He also used to straighten his hair regularly with Wellastrate. In those days he also used to wear those spring-loaded ear-studs. And sometimes he used to put kajal in his eyes with Lakme eyeliner pencils. Rahul loved his metro-sexual look back in those days.

In those days Royal Calcutta Turf Club used to operate betting counters at Russel Street. During the lunch break at St. Xavier's College, Rahul used to go to Russel Street regularly and place his bets on horses on Calcutta horse racing days. He loved gambling a lot. Sometimes he used to bet on Bombay and Bangalore races too. Sadly those betting counters are no longer operational at Russel Street anymore. A few times Rahul also took Rupasree to the Member's Gallery at RCTC and they had a lovely day at the races. She did not like gambling much but Rahul on the other hand was simply obsessed with gambling. He has been religiously going to the horse race course ever since he turned eighteen.

In those days Rahul also used to buy a lot of Playwin Super Lotto tickets on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. He used to spend hundreds of rupees every week on Lotto tickets in the hope of winning the jackpot. But sadly he was lucky enough to match only upto four numbers on a number of occasions and never could match five or six numbers. 

Anyways as time moved on, the love between Rahul and Rupasree started diminishing. Slowly but steadily they started drifting apart. They started spending lesser amount of time with each other. Previously they used to meet almost three/four days a week. But then they started meeting only once a week. The chemistry that was previously there between them was fast losing its chemical compounds. Even when they were sitting face to face in a coffee shop, they felt that they had fewer topics to talk about. They felt as if someone had erected an invisible wall between them. Even when they were making love, it felt like a mechanical chore! 

Then the inevitable break-up happened. Rupasree left Calcutta and went to a foreign country for higher studies. She got a job there. She fell in love with someone else and married him. After a few years she gave birth to a cute little baby boy. Rahul also moved on in his life. He completed his masters degree and got a job. He also got politically involved with a cause and again fell in love with another woman.

A decade passed. It was Rupasree's birthday. Rahul had almost forgotten about her. Out of sight, out of mind! But suddenly on that day old memories came flooding back in his mind. He remembered all the intimate details about his relationship with Rupasree. He remembered how she used to melt in his arms. He remembered their kisses, embraces and their marathon love-making sessions in his bedroom. All the memories came back to him. He immediately started missing her very much. 

Rahul instantly logged into Facebook and opened Rupasree's profile. He did not send her any friend request. He did not press LIKE on any of her pictures. He just went through all her posts and all her pictures. When he saw that she had named her son Rahul, silent tears started rolling down his eyes automatically. He just silently wept and wept and wept. He could not put a stop to this never-ending flow of tears. These were actually tears of some strange kind of previously unknown happiness... 


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