25 January 2017

14th January 2017 (Saturday)


My Dear Blog,

Today morning I woke up very early at around 5 a.m. Started listening to the songs of Kabir Suman, especially his album 'Tomakey Chai'. This is the 25th year of this historic and landmark musical album. Last night I was missing my first girlfriend very much. I still remember vividly how fifteen years back she used to melt in my arms. We used to plan about our future marriage and had also finalised our would-be children's names. I know that there is no point thinking about her anymore but still the heart wants what the heart wants! Dil toh Pagal hai! Dil deewana Hai! Anyways I didn't feel like going to Office today. But still I went. Did nothing in Office except Facebooking. Also had a great adda with my colleagues.

Yesterday was Friday The 13th. So I put up a Facebook update about marriage. I think that for a man, marriage is the only thing that is more horrifying than Friday The 13th! Yesterday I put up the following update on Facebook :

I want to get married this Year... Hopefully I will find my Soulmate this Year... If any Woman reading this is interested in marrying Me or is secretly in Love with Me from the deepest parts of her Heart then please message Me in my Inbox... Marriages are made in Heaven and/or Facebook... Lets see what the Heavens/Facebook have in store for Me... By the way, Divorcees and Widows are also applicable...

P.S. : After Marriage, if I have a Daughter then I will name her Brishti, because I love rainfall very very very much, and if I have a Son then I will name him Suman, because I love the great Kabir Suman very very very much...

My Guru has married five times. I think that I should also get married atleast once. After putting up the above update I started getting a lot of feedback in my inbox. A lot of women showed their kind interest in me. So sweet of them. Some of them with whom I have not spoken on Facebook for ages, suddenly started messaging me in my inbox. It was so nice talking to them again. A lot of married women who are going through a rough patch in their marriages also messaged me. Some of them who are awaiting their divorces messaged me too.

Today evening I went to meet one such prospective bride at Park Street Au Bon Pain. Had a lovely adda with her over cups of hot black coffee. She was quite pretty. She also has a good knowledge about the history of English Literature. From Au Bon Pain we went for a walk throughout the length and breadth of Park Street...

Good Night,
With Love, Kisses, Moonbeams and Rainbows,
Raj Gaurav Debnath


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