28 February 2013

Happy Birthday


                      You May Be Miles Away
                 Still I Remember Your Birthday
             Though There Is Nothing More To Say
          Still, The Best Wishes, With You, Will Stay...

A Birthday is a very special day in One's Life. Even if someone behaves like a grumpy old baby throughout the year, but on the morning of his/her birthday, he/she automatically feels some sort of peace, happiness and ecstasy radiating from inside.

This is the day when you feel most special among your friends, foes and family. The feeling of specialty begins actually from midnight itself when one receives the first sms or phone-call from that someone special. 

I have always wanted to meet someone whose b'day is on 29th February. Someone born on a leap-day must be celebrating his/her b'day on 28th February in non-leap years. 

Wikipedia gives a list of famous births and deaths on leap-days. I never knew that our very own urine-drinking Morarji Desai was born on a leap-day.

Another very interesting and very rare fact is that Sir James Wilson [1812-1880], Premier of Tasmania, was born and also died on 29th Feb. Here is His picture, even before you ask Wilson Who?

I guess, someone born on 28th Feb of a leap-year, must be secretly thanking God since childhood for not postponing his/her birth by a few hours more.

Today is 28th Feb in India. Suppose my First-Love was born on this day in India but is now residing in USA, where today the date is 27th Feb. Now do I wish her "A Very Happy Birthday" today or tomorrow? Its Complicated. Isn't it? Just what our relationship was like. Somethings never change no matter what. 

Birthdays are all about birthday-cakes. I have always loved chocolate-cakes with edible red-roses on top. I follow religiously Saif Ali Khan's motto from "Dil Chahta Hai" where he says, "Cake khaney ke liye hum kahi bhi ja saktey hai..."

Here is an old pic of my birthday. Notice how my attention was towards the chocolate-cake only.

Birthdays are all about birthday-cards. More than a decade back, many a penny was spent at Gariahat Archies and Golpark Hallmark. Quality time was spent too at those two coolest places. During those days various e-card websites were also used to the fullest. One of them was 123india.com. 

In the early or mid-90's, I had seen a heart-touching telefilm on Doordarshan where a teenage son of a rich man was throwing tantrums because his b'day was not celebrated exactly according to his wishes. The boy wanted a lavish party for all his school-friends and all pomp, glitter and glamour. Later that night his father had a warm friendly chat with his son where the father remembered his own childhood birthdays when every year he was weighed and the equivalent amount of rice and pulses was distributed to street children and beggars. At the end of the story the boy stops complaining and goes to sleep. 

The next morning while going to school, the teenage boy asks his father to stop the car and then steps out and goes towards the pavement beggars and gives them rice and pulses from inside his school-bag, which he had taken from their kitchen very early that morning when his father was still sleeping. The telefilm ends here with the father sitting inside the car and watching his son with moist eyes, a tender smile and a lump in his throat...


27 February 2013



I usually don't cry. I am the sort of Man who doesn't even give a DAMN, but having said that, sometimes uncontrollable TEARS roll down just like that. I cannot help it as no matter how hard I try to fight back, these TEARS simply won't listen to any logic or explanation.

Here are some of the recent, and not too recent, times when TEARS appeared in my eyes :

When I was watching Jon Amiel's film "Creation", in one scene, Charles Darwin, played by Paul Bettany, goes into the hotel room and sits on the bed where his daughter Annie had died and starts crying alone. Again in another particular scene where the young orangutan Jenny, who is brought from Borneo to the London Zoo, dies quietly on the lap of her keeper. When the person tries to comfort her, the animal says as if through her eyes, "thats so kind of you". Watch this beautiful film and these two scenes especially.

When surfing through Youtube and watching old Doordarshan ads, videos and serials, I was in a very happy mood but suddenly this particular link made my tear-ducts overflow instantly.

When I was watching this very funny film "Throw Momma from the Train", in one scene Danny DeVito shows off his coin-collection to Billy Crystal. But they are just plain ordinary coins with no historic value or anything special about them. When Billy points that out, Danny says that each coin reminds him about time spent with his father in his childhood, when his Dad let him keep the change. His father is no longer there but the coins are.

When my First-Love was living in Delhi and coughing up blood and wrote about that in her Blog. I felt helpless as I couldn't comfort her in any way. I wanted to give her a tight hug, but she was so far away. Though she needed that hug very badly then.

When my pet cat Jerry was bitten by a dog, with blood allover and looked as if he would die. The way he looked deep in my eyes and curled up on my lap as if saying that this could be the last time together. Imagine the amount of pain and trauma that my little Jerry had to go through in this near-death incident. Khub Kosto Hoyechhilo Amar Sona Jerry-tar. By God's mercy and the doctor's help we could cure him completely and now he is fine and healthy. Here is a picture of Jerry's wound. 

When last year during the Durga Puja, everybody was having a blast and enjoying to the fullest, there was a documentary shown on Channel 10 titled "Ora Thakey Oparaai" about the lives of the sex-workers of the various red-light areas in Calcutta. In one particular scene a middle-aged sex-worker reminisces that as a child she had asked for a gift from her poor father during the Durga Puja season after her father had bought a gift for her younger brother. In reply her father had slapped her hard. Later her apologetic father comforted her by putting his hand on her head and telling her that she was now big enough to realise that he couldn't afford it but her younger brother was still small enough to differentiate between affluence and poverty. 

When someone whom I loved, trusted and respected suddenly behaved as if I was a complete stranger.

When during one monsoon season I bought a raincoat from Esplanade for an old street-hawker in our locality and upon receiving the gift, the man started crying. Seeing him cry made my eyes moist.

When I entered my old St. Xavier's College after many years and went to the top floor and stood near the railings and was looking down at our huge playground below and suddenly met my favourite staff-member Srikanto da.

When one night after many years I was once again listening to Anjan Dutta's "Priyo Bondhu" and it was raining outside and then starts the last part of the album "Hoteo Paarey Amader Ei Gaan Keu Rakhbey Na Mone Korey..."

When in a Kabir Suman live performance at Kala Mandir, the singer had called upon the stage his old friend and made him sit beside him while he sang. After some time that old man left the stage but couldn't control his tears, nor could I.

When I had completely forgotten a song for years and then suddenly one fine winter afternoon the lyrics cropped up automatically from the deep recesses of my brain and reminded me of the long-lost innocence of childhood.

"Chhutir Pakhi-ta Chhot-Fot Korey Roj 
 Khachhai Bondi Palatey Paarey Na Tai 
 Dana-Pani Taakey Jotoi Dao Na Tumi 
 Pakhir Kintu Chhutir Aakash Chai..."

and then these two stanzas : 

"Bochhor Tirish Chakri-Bakri Korey 
 Kamal-er Jethhu Nichchen Oboshor 
 Doordarshan-ey Dekhchhen Chhuti-Chhuti 
 Peyechhen Chhuti Onek Bochhor Por 

 Mone Porey tNar Aar Ek Joner Kotha 

 Dhitang-Dhitang Boler Chhondey Surey 
 Chhotalen Tini Gaaner Ojosrota 
 Kata Chhilo tNar Ticket Onek Durey..."

and especially this last line made me weep silently. 

When one night I was reading very old e-mails, g-talk and yahoo chats and then searched my room thoroughly to discover a hand-made greeting-card which someone special had gifted me almost a decade back as she believed that any other card available in the market wouldn't be able to convey her feelings properly. 

When suddenly searching for www.lakecards.com after more than a decade and finding that a particular lake-card still exists in their collection, an e-card which had tremendous importance at one point of time in my life. Below is the image of that card.

When in a bad dream I was totally engulfed in a never-before-felt-heavier-than-death wave of sadness. 

And when today morning I spoke to someone after quite some time but the saddest part is that this could be the last time we interacted forever. We both are going to die oneday, one of us will die before the other, but we will never cross eachother's paths ever again in the remaining years of our lives...


24 February 2013

Border-Gavaskar Trophy


My first 'Live' experience of the Border-Gavaskar Trophy was on 19th March 1998 at obviously Eden Gardens. I was 16 years old. The second day of the Test match was spent watching Navjot Sidhu and V.V.S. Laxman getting out in the 90's. I was so disappointed as I was almost praying hard for them to get their centuries. Even after I came back home, I was still very sad that the Openers couldn't reach the three-figure mark. One batsman getting out in the nervous-nineties is still acceptable but both the Openers failing to reach that magic-mark is something of the proportions of a Greek-Tragedy.

My second 'Live' experience of the Border-Gavaskar Trophy was on 12th March 2001 at obviously the Garden of Eden. I was 19 years old. Again the second day was saddening for me. The only highlight was watching Steve Waugh, whom I love and respect the most among all Australians, complete his century. Again I had come back home with a heavy heart that day. India looked like swallowing an Innings-defeat. At the end of Day 2, even Dravid and Laxman couldn't have predicted the outcome of that historic match.

And in the present series, it is so nice to see V.V.S. Laxman and Shane Warne together in the commentary team...


21 February 2013

Shahbag-e Ekushey February-r Bhor


শাহবাগ-এ একুশে ফেব্রুয়ারির ভোর 

-রাজ গৌরব দেবনাথ 

একুশের ভোরে বাংলা ভাষা সেলাম তোমাকে সেলাম 
একুশের ভোরে বাংলা ভাষার হাতেই রেখেছি হাত 
একুশের ভোরে আবার আমরা তোমার কাছেই এলাম 
একুশের ভোরে শাহবাগ তোমায় জানাই সুপ্রভাত 

এক এক করে একাধিক মানুষ জেগে উঠেছে আজ 
নতুন সময় আবার আসছে এই একুশের ভোরে 
প্রতিবাদ থেকে এবার পরো প্রতিশোধের সাজ 
আবার নতুন সূর্য উঠেছে প্রজন্ম চত্বরে

আমার বাংলা ভাষা লড়েছে ঢাকায় আর শিলচরে 
রুখে দাঁড়িয়েছে বাংলার কত নর আর কত নারী 
বাংলা ভাষা পৌঁছে গিয়েছে সবার ঘরে-ঘরে 
সেলাম উনিশে মে আর একুশে ফেব্রুয়ারি 

আব্দুল জব্বার, রফিক উদ্দীন, শফিউর রহমান 
বীর শহীদ রাঙিয়ে দিয়েছে পূব আকাশের কোণ 
আজও তাঁরা শোনায় তোমায় বাংলা ভাষায় গান 
আবুল বরকত, আবদুস সালাম, আরও কত ভাই-বোন

কত কান্না মৃত্যু ধর্ষণ আর চিৎকার হাহাকারের 
বাংলা ভাষার কসম তোদের কোনওরকম ক্ষমা নাই 
শাস্তি হোক ঘাতক খুনী জল্লাদ রাজাকারের 
মীরপুরের কসাই তোর যেন ফাঁসি দেখতে পাই 

বীরাঙ্গনাদের ধর্ষণের বিচার চাইছে একাত্তর 
কোথায় লুকিয়ে থাকবি তুই দানব-বলাৎকারী 
পাপের হিসেব নেবে আজ প্রজন্ম চত্বর 
পাপের হিসেব নেবে আজ একুশে ফেব্রুয়ারি 

গণসঙ্গীত-রণসঙ্গীত মিশে গিয়ে একাকার 
রণহুঙ্কার ডাকছে তোমায় গাইছে তোমাকে চাই 
কোথায় পালিয়ে যাবি তুই আজ রাক্ষস-রাজাকার 
সকল যুদ্ধাপরাধীর মৃত্যুদণ্ডের দাবি জানাই 

আমার ভাইয়ের রক্তে রাঙানো একুশে ফেব্রুয়ারি 
আলতাফ মাহমুদ ডাকছেন তোমায় এই গানটির সুরে 
মৃত-দেহটিকেও অদৃশ্য করে দিয়েছিল অত্যাচারী 
বিশ্রাম নিচ্ছেন তিনি আজ সমস্ত বাংলার মাটি জুড়ে 

স্মৃতিতে এখনও মুক্তিযুদ্ধ আর মুক্তিবাহিনী 
'জয় বাংলা', একটি স্লোগান তোমায়-আমায় ডাকে 
শাবাশ শাহবাগ, তুমি লিখছ নতুন যুগের কাহিনী 
শাহবাগ তুমি এক করেছ আজ দুই-বাংলাকে 

আবার গণ-অভ্যুত্থানে বাংলা ভাষার স্বাধীনতা 
আবার গণ-জাগরণের গন্ধ বাতাসে পেলাম 
বাংলাদেশ জুড়ে গর্জিয়ে ওঠে তিন-মিনিটের নীরবতা 
অমর শহীদ রাজীব হায়দার সেলাম তোমাকে সেলাম ...

[রচনা : ভোরবেলা, ২১/০২/২০১৩]



Koto Din Haat Dhuini Aar Oi Bhabey


কত দিন হাত ধুইনি আর ওই ভাবে 

-রাজ গৌরব দেবনাথ 

এলোমেলো ঝোড়ো হাওয়া সময় কেটে খায় 
স্মৃতির পাতা আবার ঠিকই পালটে যাবে 
জল আসে তবুও কেন জল বয়ে যায় 
কত দিন হাত ধুইনি আর ওই ভাবে 

কত দিন হয়নি বলা কথা তোমার সাথে 
চলে গেছ দূরে তুমি আজ বহু দূরে 
একা-একা কেটে গেছে আমার দিনে-রাতে 
নতুন কোনও গান গাওয়া হয়নি আর সুরে 

সুর-তাল কেটে গেছে জীবনের মাঝে 
গানের পাখি পেড়িয়ে গেছে দিগন্তের পার 
সবাই ব্যস্ত দেখি যে যার নিজের কাজে 
এতটুকু সময় নেই কারোর কাছে আর 

ছোট-খাটো জীবনে শুধুই আসা-যাওয়া 
ছোট-খাটো আনন্দ, ছোট-খাটো হাসি 
কান্নার মাঝেও যেন সুখ খুঁজে পাওয়া 
একবার যদি বলতো কেউ, 'তোমায় ভালবাসি' 

তাই এলোমেলো ঝোড়ো হাওয়া সময় কেটে খায় 
হিসেব করে দেখো কে কতটা কী পাবে 
সময় সে তো সময় সে তো ঠিকই বয়ে যায়  
কত দিন হাত ধুইনি আর ওই ভাবে ...

[রচনা : ২১/০২/২০১৩]


20 February 2013

A Poem for Potpourri


A Poem for Potpourri

-Raj Gaurav Debnath

In Life's Ups and Downs
We Measure What We Get, More or Less
But All the Smiles and the Frowns
Cannot be compared with the Tears of Happiness

When One is feeling Down and Low
Your Words can uplift the depressing Mood
As One has Nowhere Else to Go
Since You've brought back a Slice of Childhood

Whether Your Words are Harsh or Kind
Whether Your Emotions are Yours or Mine
When Dark Clouds are covering Our Mind
You bring the much needed pleasant Sunshine

So keep on writing Our Sweet Angel 
Your Blog is waiting for your next Post
Make Us Smile with your next Tale
In Life, lets enjoy each Moment to the Most

Your Words flow freely like the River to the Sea
As comforting as One's own soulmate-Bed
As I am having a cup of Coffee or Tea
Your Words refresh Me when I'm feeling Dead...

[7th January 2013]


Ghumaoni Tumio Je Sara Raat


ঘুমাওনি তুমিও যে সারা রাত 

-রাজ গৌরব দেবনাথ 

আমার একার আর দোষ নয় হেথা 

সারা রাত করেছি আমি অদৃশ্যের খোঁজ 
খুঁজেছি তোমার মতো কাউকে যে বৃথা 
হতাশা এসে ঘিরে ধরেছে আমায় রোজ 

রাতের আঁধারে এসেছে সে বান্ধবী 

দিনের আলোয় যাকে পাইনা আর খুঁজে 
একেঁছি সাদা-কালো শুধু তার ছবি 
দেখেছি তার মুখ দুটি চোখ বুজে 

সারা রাত কেটে গেল অজস্র কথা বলে 

তবুও কিছুই যেন হল না বলা 
ভোরের আলোর সাথে তুমি গেলে চলে 
শহরের বুকে ফের একা পথ চলা 

সারা রাত কেটে গেল হেলায় আর ফেলায় 

দিনের আলোয় আমি আবার যে একা 
খুঁজে মরেছি তোমায় মানুষের মেলায় 
রাতের বেলায় কি পাবো ফের দেখা 

রাতের দেবী অথবা নিশি-হাতছানি

মায়ার জালেতে আমায় ফেলেছ যে বেঁধে 
শরীর বলেছে শুধু তোমাকেই জানি 
ভালবাসা খুন হল বয়সের ভেদে 

কবিতায় পাপ নেই, পাপ নেই মনে 

শহর পুড়েছে ছাই সূর্যের তাপে 
টাকার চাকা ঘুরছে না আজ এই কোণে 
টাকার হিসেবে সমাজ মানুষকে মাপে 

তবুও সব হিসেব-নিকেশ একদিন শূন্য 

যখন বাড়িয়ে দেবো অদৃশ্যের দিকে হাত 
জীবন সংগ্রামে আজ অনেকখানি ক্ষুন্ন  
ঘুমাইনি আমিও, ঘুমাওনি তুমিও যে সারা রাত ...

[রচনা : ২০০৯]




-রাজ গৌরব দেবনাথ 

যে বন্যায় ভেসে গেল এই শরীর 
যে বন্যায় ভেসে গেল এই মনও 
যে বন্যায় ভাঙল স্বপ্ন পরীর 
যে বন্যায় ভাসছি আমি এখনও 

যে বন্যায় ভেসে গেল এই সময়
যে বন্যায় অতীতও গেল ভেসে 
যে বন্যায় খুঁজছি এখনও তোমায় 
যে বন্যায় বিদায় নিয়েছ হেসে 

যে বন্যায় আসবে না আর ফিরে 
যে বন্যায় কাটেনি আজও মোহ 
যে বন্যায় গিয়েছে বুকটা ছিঁড়ে
যে বন্যায় আসবে না অহরহ 

জীবন নেয় ঝড়-বৃষ্টি সব মেপে 
জীবন নেয় সকল হিসেব চুকিয়ে 
জীবন দেয় আঁখিপল্লব কেঁপে
জীবন দেয় ঔদ্ধত্যকে ঝুঁকিয়ে 

কবিতার শেষে বসে একা লাবণ্য 
অতর্কিতে বয়ে চলেছে যে বন্যা 
বইছে আজও ভালবাসারই জন্য 
তবু বয়ে আসো না কেন তুমি, হে সুকন্যা ...

[এই কবিতাটি আমি ২০০৩-এ লিখেছিলাম]


17 February 2013



Technically it is a brilliant film, though somewhere in the storyline something is missing and the plot is too predictable. 

The Pakistan-Afghanistan scenes simply have 'shock and awe' effect. It is like watching a Hollywood film.

It is nice to see Shekhar Kapur on screen after so many years.

Now we'll have to wait for Vishwaroopam 2...


Double Hitchcock


Loved this new film. Have always admired Anthony Hopkins in each and every role that he has portrayed. 

Also liked "The Girl" too. However I was expecting far too much brilliance from these two films and was just a bit disappointed...



The Great Dictator


The God of Cinema, Charlie Chaplin, created this masterpiece and there is a rumour that Adolf Hitler had actually seen this film twice. [Imagine a film on this plot, wouldn't it be interesting.]

You all remember the world-famous globe-scene. 

Now watch this :

Chaplin had to face great difficulties and challenges to create his true 'talkie' film. The final 'work of art' touched everyone's hearts throughout the globe in the middle of the Second World War.

Chaplin's half-brother Sydney had directed a film titled "King, Queen, Joker" in 1921, where the latter had played the dual role of a barber and a ruler of a fictitious country who is about to be overthrown...


A Mouthful of Sky


In the mid 90's, the title track of "A Mouthful of Sky" was damn captivating. The soap was India's first English production for Doordarshan. Innovative concept in the late-night slot. Something new and different. Couldn't find the song in Youtube though. The lyrics for the title track was something like this :

Earth Wind Rain and Fire
Wealth Power Blood Desire
One Life to Live before we Die
One Taste of Glory
A Mouthful of Sky...

The serial featured, among other newbies, then controversial model-turned-actor Milind Soman, infamous after the Tuff Shoes print-ad with then girlfriend Madhu Sapre and an innocent python for company...