28 February 2013

Happy Birthday


                      You May Be Miles Away
                 Still I Remember Your Birthday
             Though There Is Nothing More To Say
          Still, The Best Wishes, With You, Will Stay...

A Birthday is a very special day in One's Life. Even if someone behaves like a grumpy old baby throughout the year, but on the morning of his/her birthday, he/she automatically feels some sort of peace, happiness and ecstasy radiating from inside.

This is the day when you feel most special among your friends, foes and family. The feeling of specialty begins actually from midnight itself when one receives the first sms or phone-call from that someone special. 

I have always wanted to meet someone whose b'day is on 29th February. Someone born on a leap-day must be celebrating his/her b'day on 28th February in non-leap years. 

Wikipedia gives a list of famous births and deaths on leap-days. I never knew that our very own urine-drinking Morarji Desai was born on a leap-day.

Another very interesting and very rare fact is that Sir James Wilson [1812-1880], Premier of Tasmania, was born and also died on 29th Feb. Here is His picture, even before you ask Wilson Who?

I guess, someone born on 28th Feb of a leap-year, must be secretly thanking God since childhood for not postponing his/her birth by a few hours more.

Today is 28th Feb in India. Suppose my First-Love was born on this day in India but is now residing in USA, where today the date is 27th Feb. Now do I wish her "A Very Happy Birthday" today or tomorrow? Its Complicated. Isn't it? Just what our relationship was like. Somethings never change no matter what. 

Birthdays are all about birthday-cakes. I have always loved chocolate-cakes with edible red-roses on top. I follow religiously Saif Ali Khan's motto from "Dil Chahta Hai" where he says, "Cake khaney ke liye hum kahi bhi ja saktey hai..."

Here is an old pic of my birthday. Notice how my attention was towards the chocolate-cake only.

Birthdays are all about birthday-cards. More than a decade back, many a penny was spent at Gariahat Archies and Golpark Hallmark. Quality time was spent too at those two coolest places. During those days various e-card websites were also used to the fullest. One of them was 123india.com. 

In the early or mid-90's, I had seen a heart-touching telefilm on Doordarshan where a teenage son of a rich man was throwing tantrums because his b'day was not celebrated exactly according to his wishes. The boy wanted a lavish party for all his school-friends and all pomp, glitter and glamour. Later that night his father had a warm friendly chat with his son where the father remembered his own childhood birthdays when every year he was weighed and the equivalent amount of rice and pulses was distributed to street children and beggars. At the end of the story the boy stops complaining and goes to sleep. 

The next morning while going to school, the teenage boy asks his father to stop the car and then steps out and goes towards the pavement beggars and gives them rice and pulses from inside his school-bag, which he had taken from their kitchen very early that morning when his father was still sleeping. The telefilm ends here with the father sitting inside the car and watching his son with moist eyes, a tender smile and a lump in his throat...


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