20 February 2013

A Poem for Potpourri


A Poem for Potpourri

-Raj Gaurav Debnath

In Life's Ups and Downs
We Measure What We Get, More or Less
But All the Smiles and the Frowns
Cannot be compared with the Tears of Happiness

When One is feeling Down and Low
Your Words can uplift the depressing Mood
As One has Nowhere Else to Go
Since You've brought back a Slice of Childhood

Whether Your Words are Harsh or Kind
Whether Your Emotions are Yours or Mine
When Dark Clouds are covering Our Mind
You bring the much needed pleasant Sunshine

So keep on writing Our Sweet Angel 
Your Blog is waiting for your next Post
Make Us Smile with your next Tale
In Life, lets enjoy each Moment to the Most

Your Words flow freely like the River to the Sea
As comforting as One's own soulmate-Bed
As I am having a cup of Coffee or Tea
Your Words refresh Me when I'm feeling Dead...

[7th January 2013]


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