5 January 2013

Winter of 2012-2013


Some things for this Winter :

Morning walk at Rabindra Sarobar Lake and then breakfast at Maharani.

First tram ride to Esplanade with fog all around.

An early morning chinese breakfast at Territi Bazaar. 

Pastries at Nahoum's in New Market.

Flury's and then Music World. 

A day at Eden Gardens to watch a test match. After the match, bread-toast and chicken soup at the canteen near Mohameddan Sporting. 

Hand-in-hand with a friend throughout the length and breadth of Park Street. Coffee and Cigarettes in between. 

Long drive to Sher-e-Punjab Kolaghat and back. 

The night it rains. Sit beside a window. Listen to the first albums of Suman, Anjan, Nachiketa, Shilajit, Cactus, Parashpathar, Abhilasha, Krosswindz, Nogor Philomel and ofcourse Mohiner Ghoraguli.

An afternoon at Coffee House.

An evening at YMCA balcony.

Beef-steak at Olypub.

Beer at Fairlawn Hotel Garden.

Old Monk and Thums Up at someone's terrace.

A good theatre at Academy.

A good film at Nandan.

Kabir Suman's concert at Kala Mandir.

31st night at Park Street.

The dawn of the new year at Victoria Memorial...


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