5 January 2013

Double Wicket in Cricket


Losing your wicket is like the Loss of Life. 

Even after gifting fours and sixes, a bowler can come back to take a wicket, but for a batsman, getting out once means to go back and wait for the next innings or the next match.

The Eternal Fear of losing your Wicket is always there on the Batsman's Mind. This fear can lead to hormonal imbalances which can affect one's physical, mental and/or sexual performances in future.

VOILA - Here comes Double Wicket Cricket. 

I remember watching those matches back in the magical 90's. You just lose a few runs after getting out. No Problem. Keep on batting. Try to score back those runs. What Fun, What Freedom. Sadly, this form of Cricket has almost vanished. No wonder the World is now such a weary place. Sigh.

And here is something I just wrote for Fun :

Striker to the Non-Striker in Double Wicket Cricket

Dear Dear
No Fear
No Tear
Come Near
I Am Here
I Am Your Peer
Watch Your Rear
Few Runs Mere
Open Your Ear
Up Your Gear
Why Bowler Jeer

And After The Match

We'll Have A Beer...


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