29 January 2013

Bala, the Dark and Disturbing Knight


Bala is right now the most interesting Tamil film director. His films are totally a genre in themselves. Some would find it difficult to digest his films but I simply love them a lot. 

His first film "Sethu" was a surprise hit and helped Vikram Kennedy to make a great comeback. Word-of-mouth only helped this film to become a cult classic. Watch out for Chiyaan's performance. Later re-made in hindi as "Tere Naam", which was not even half as good as the original film.

His second film "Nandha" was a gripping tale. Watch out for the climax.

His third film "Pithamagan" was an unique experience. Watch out again for Vikram Kennedy's awesome performance.


His fourth film "Naan Kadavul" was so dark, brutal and disturbing that after watching it one could hardly sleep peacefully. I've never seen any film like this one. Watch out for the performances of the physically and mentally retarded beggars. 

His fifth film "Avan Ivan" was his first comedy, except the climax. Watch out for Vishal Krishna's eyes.

Eagerly waiting for Bala's sixth film "Paradesi"...


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