13 January 2013

Kamal Hasan


With "Vishwaroopam" around the corner, I must write something about the legendary Kamal Hasan. I am sure that this Man is one of the all-time greatest Actors in World Cinema.

Down south people treat Rajnikanth as GOD, but even the ALMIGHTY would die to have a quarter of Kamal Hasan's body of work. 

Back in 2000, I saw "Hey Ram" around 7 times at 'Priya Cinema'. Kamal Hasan's powerhouse performance simply bowled me over. A film like this comes once in 100 years. And I must mention also the ethereal and divine music by another legend, Ilaiyaraaja.

In 2008, I wanted to watch "Dasavathaaram" very badly. Now in the first week only the Tamil version had released in Calcutta. But I couldn't wait any longer. So I read all about the story and everything related to the film in various websites and then went and watched the Tamil version, without English subtitles, at 'Fame Hiland Park'. Now that was a strange and funny experience. The cinema hall was packed. I was all alone without any knowledge of Tamil. But I could easily figure out what the characters were saying on screen. A middle-aged man sitting beside me started talking with me in Tamil about Kamal Hasan during the interval. When I made him understand my situation in English, he felt so very proud that a non-Tamilian was watching his hero's film in the first weekend of its release. 

Now, I have waited for around 15 years for Kamal Hasan to complete his magnum opus "Marudhanayagam". Hope it sees the light of the day soon. In the meantime, please watch this trailer :


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