1 March 2017

Bastards in Theatres


I really hate going to Theatres to watch Movies and Plays. I can still watch the Movies later on dvds in the comfort of my bedroom. But to watch Plays, I have to go to the Theatres. I hate going there because of the following Bastards :

The first kind of Bastards do not keep their mobile phones in the silent mode. They also never switch them off inside the Theatres. Their phones always end up ringing. 

The second kind of Bastards are always busy talking on their mobile phones. They don't realize that they are inside the Theatres and not inside their fucking bedrooms.

The third kind of Bastards are always busy talking among themselves. If they have such an important issue to discuss inside the Theatres then they should atleast take their discussion outside to the lobby or to the loo.

The fourth kind of Bastards are always busy eating potato-chips and other things from plastic packets and making noise in the process. They also carry stuff inside plastic packets and these fucking plastic packets create a lot of irritating noise.

The fifth kind of Bastards, generally suffering from Tuberculosis, always start coughing during the important scenes. These Bastards however will never cough during the boring scenes. 

The sixth kind of Bastards, generally suffering from loose-motions, have to go to the loo urgently again during the important scenes. These Bastards however will never go to the loo during the boring scenes.

The seventh kind of Bastards have a habit of yawning loudly.

The eighth kind of Bastards will always spill and spoil a good storyline even before you hit the Theatres.

The ninth kind of Bastards will tell you great things about a bullshit movie and then lead you to waste your precious time, energy and money on it.

The tenth kind of Bastards will bring their children into the Theatres and these children always end up crying or making noises of all kinds.

This List goes On and On and I will keep updating it...


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