6 March 2017

3rd March 2017 (Friday)


My Dear Blog,

Today morning I went to Office on time. Had a normal day in Office. Around 6 p.m. I went to ICCR to watch Kabir Suman's concert on Bangla Kheyal. It was a fascinating concert. Kabir Suman is really doing his best to popularize Bangla Kheyal. He firmly believes that it is possible to sing Kheyals in the Bengali language. 

After the concert I went to London Pub with a friend of mine. Had a lovely adda with some drinks. Watched parts of the England-West Indies one day match there. The last time I had gone to LP was like ten years back. So many days have passed in between. Left LP around midnight...

Good Night,
With Love, Kisses, Moonbeams and Rainbows,
Raj Gaurav Debnath


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