21 February 2017

19th February 2017 (Sunday)


My Dear Blog,

Today I woke up around noon. I actually woke up around 8 a.m. but then again went back to sleep. Did not feel like leaving my comfortable bed. I just love my bed to the power of infinity. And my bed is the only thing in this Universe which also loves me back to the power of infinity!

Throughout the day I just binge-watched The Big Bang Theory on Zee Cafe. I just love this show. I just love all the characters in this sitcom. Sheldon Cooper is my most favourite character. Without him this show is nothing. Leonard Hofstadter is your average American guy. Howard Wolowitz is your stereotypical Jew. Raj Koothrappali is your typical shy Indian "virgin". Penny used to be damn sexy and smoking hot in the initial seasons but nowadays I don't find her attractive anymore. I find Bernadette Rostenkowski to be really irritating and I really hate her nagging voice. I really like Amy Farrah Fowler. I really feel sorry for Stuart David Bloom. I like the character of Arthur Jeffries a.k.a. Professor Proton whenever he appears on the show. Priya Koothrappali is also kinda cute and sexy in her own way. Leslie Winkle is also kinda cute in her own way. Emily Sweeney is okay. Barry Kripke is funny. Beverly Hofstadter is really cold in her nature and I don't like that kind of mothers. Lucy is also kinda cute and I like her very much. I also feel sorry for her because she gets those anxiety attacks. Mary Cooper is likeable. Mrs. Wolowitz is special in her own way and makes her presence felt by her absence on the screen!

Today in the evening I was supposed to meet someone at Lake Road CCD but I just felt too lazy to leave my loving bed and therefore cancelled our date. I was actually too depressed from yesterday's events at RCTC. Did not feel like doing anything. Had an early dinner and went to sleep...

Good Night,
With Love, Kisses, Moonbeams and Rainbows,
Raj Gaurav Debnath


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