11 August 2013

The Ashes


There is nothing on earth like lying down on your comfortable bed and watching test cricket on a rainy Sunday afternoon. It is raining here in Calcutta now while in Chester-Le-Street the sun is shining happily. 'Star Cricket' was not coming on our set-top box for quite some time but thankfully now there is no problem with its transmission. Therefore I am basking in the glow of test cricket. And I absolutely love this song. 

But I am simply hating the irritating Durex commercials. There is nothing f*****g intense or f*****g passionate about this ad shot in broad daylight. Its simply a turn-off!!! 

Brian Lara's 'Masterclass' during the lunch break made my Sunday. It felt so nice to see and hear him, and also watch him with the bat, after ages. Just started writing a post on him. 

Throughout the 90's and till 2005 Australia had a firm grip on the Ashes. The affairs used to be pretty one-sided. However in 2005, Freddie Flintoff almost single-handedly won the series for England.

(to be continued...)


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