8 August 2013

Friends of Old Age


Friends of Old Age 
-Raj Gaurav Debnath

Friends are important in old age 
When you are there all alone 
When your children are busy 
No time for even a single phone 

You really miss them a lot 
You sit waiting for their call 
But the bright day turns into dark night 
Still the phone doesn't ring at all 

Even then you hope against hope 
That they will call you the very next day 
It is this hope that keeps you alive 
It is this hope that is your life's ray 

But you start making new friends 
Because your loneliness is unbearable 
And they are always there for you 
And they keep you sane and stable 

The newspaper is your new friend 
At daybreak he comes with news 
He shares with you the whole world's tales 
And he also listens to your own views 

The electric kettle is your new friend 
He makes that special morning tea 
And again in the evening too 
He really loves it, you see 

The walking stick is your new friend 
Firmly he holds your fragile palm 
He never leaves your side for a moment 
His support gives you a sense of calm 

The spec is your new friend 
He gives you a clearer sight 
He narrates little incidents happening around 
And stays with you all day and all night 

The music system is your new friend 
He sings for you beautiful songs 
While you are lost in your own thoughts 
Contemplating life's rights and wrongs 

The denture is your new friend 
He makes you laugh at ease 
At the autumn of your Life, you feel 
Oh! What a wonderful World it is!