24 August 2013

Madras Cafe


Watched "Madras Cafe" today. Loved the film very much. John Abraham has his own acting-limitations but inspite of that has delivered a good performance. The film has been really well-made by Shoojit Sircar and is well-researched, intense, gripping and fast-paced with beautiful cinematography. 

Loved to see Siddharth Basu and Piyush Pandey on screen. Also loved to see our very own Arijit Dutta, owner of Priya Cinema, in the film. Also thank heavens that there were no unnecessary and irritating songs in the film, except for the very last part with the ending credits. Any other lesser director would have allowed romance to develop between the characters played by John Abraham and Nargis Fakhri. Thankfully it didn't happen in this kind of a highly political film. 

When Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated, I was only 9 years old. His funeral procession was shown live on Doordarshan. I still remember that our whole extended family had gathered in front of the TV and watched it. I still remember that my mother and my aunts had silent tears in their eyes. Nobody could actually come to terms with that sudden assassination...


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