19 August 2013

Paper Boats


...Jodi Shey Nouka Aar Kono Deshey 

Aar Kaaro Haatey Porey Giye Sheshey...

Today it rained almost throughout the day. Actually it started raining from yesterday evening, went on for the whole night and is still continuing today. The rainfall is just taking small breaks in between its long innings. This is just in front of our house : 


I love rainfall the most. I love its sight, sound and smell. We have big box-windows at our house. There is nothing on earth like sitting on the window, watching the falling rains with a big cup of Chafee and listening to Rabindrasangeet. Chafee is my most favourite drink which is nothing but coffee mixed with tea. You get the pleasures of both the worlds. Why choose only one when you can have both of them and that also together. 

There was water-logging in front of our house. I thought of making tiny paper boats and wanted to sail them. But sadly enough I soon realized that I have forgotten the art of making paper boats. So I opened Youtube and typed "how to make paper boats" in their search-box and saw a video. Then it all came back to me. I made four paper boats, after maybe like ten years, and sailed them on the pool of water in front of our house. Three of the boats sailed away but one remained around me. I guess it didn't want to leave me alone. So sweet. Took these pictures : 


In my childhood days whenever it used to rain, I used to immediately go to our terrace and get drenched. It was great fun. But today I did something else. Just like that I dipped not only my toes but my entire feet in that pool of water in front of our house and took these pics :


While I was clicking all the above pics, my son Jerry came and sat behind me. I will soon upload a post on my son in this Blog. Its almost done and just needs some finishing touches. As the umbrella was kept open, he decided to sit under it. And here is my smart, handsome and dashing son's picture : 

And here is that pool of water in front of our house with the light from the street-lamp falling on it, mixing with it and making love to it :  

And here is that street-lamp shining brightly and was humming these lines : 

All Things Bright and Beautiful 
All Creatures Great and Small 
All Things Wise and Wonderful 
The Lord God made them All... 



A colony of ants took refuge in our door-steps from the incessant rainfall. I gave them some sugar cubes. They must have thanked me in their own language. And here is a taxi which was just standing below the street-lamp and was simply getting drenched. Though he was not dancing or jumping around like I used to do as a child while getting wet in rainfall : 


And here is a leaf happily floating on its own without a care in the World : 


The taxi was feeling lonely, so his best friend came to him on her own and stood in front of him, both their lips were within touching distance :


And this kind of weather demands another round of Chafee. Here is the top view of my cup of tea sprinkled with coffee powder. I just need to stir it well and my Chafee will be ready : 

...Aami Ghorey Phiri, Thaki Koney Mishi 
Jethha Kaatey Din, Sethha Kaatey Nishi...