17 August 2013



-Raj Gaurav Debnath 

Spaces are there in Space and Time 
Characters are floating for a Story to be told 
I do not care about Rhythm or Rhyme 
He makes the Rules who has the Gold 

A Poem, a Prose, an abstract Art 
To Hell with monotonous Creativity 
Towards your Heart I have thrown my Dart 
Will meet You accidentally in this City

A Beginning, an End, the Circle is Full 
Life comes, Life goes, Life is Elsewhere  
Whatever they tell You is all Cock and Bull 
Only I can give You the truth, I swear 

Freedom is a Word I rarely use 
Freedom is a Song I rarely sing 
But I still Love You in all your hues 
Love is indeed a many-splendored thing 

Love comes, Love goes, Love dies Oneday 
Whether You are Smart, Stupid, Bold or Shy 
I have nothing more to say 
Therefore I bid here Goodbye...