25 December 2016

25th December 2016 (Sunday)


My Dear Blog,

Merry Christmas. Today morning I woke up and watched Rangoli on Doordarshan. Went through the Graphiti and Robbar magazines. After Rangoli I started listening to the songs of Jim Reeves, Pat Boone and George Strait on Youtube. Thought of going to Territy Bazaar to have chinese breakfast but then felt too lazy. Also thought of going to Flurys to have their expensive 'English Breakfast' but then again felt too lazy to go to Park Street.

Last year on Christmas I went to Park Street in the afternoon to meet a friend. We walked throughout the length and breadth of Park Street and then went inside the Park Street Cemetery. Clicked a lot of pictures there through our phones. From the Cemetery we went to Au Bon Pain and had a lovely adda there over hot coffee and pastries. Then she left. Another friend of mine came to meet me at Park Street around late evening. I again walked throughout the length and breadth of Park Street with her. Then I took her to Aqua Java in Wood Street. There I again had a lovely adda with her. The above picture is from that day at Aqua Java.

Anyways today I took a shower around noon. A friend came over to my place. Had lunch with her in my bedroom while watching Gene Kelly's "Singing In The Rain". I just love Gene Kelly. Had a lovely adda with her. 

In the evening she went back home. I went to South City Mall to meet another friend. Had coffee and chicken sandwiches with her at Coffee World inside South City. We were planning to watch "Dangal" but then decided against it. The adda was more important to us. Will certainly watch "Dangal" very soon. 

Came back home and had my dinner. Spent some time on Facebook. Started listening to the nineties' Bollywood hits on Youtube. I just love the Bollywood music of the nineties. I get so nostalgic when I listen to them. If I have a Time Machine then I would surely love to go back to the nineties. Kept on listening to all the nineties' hits especially the Shah Rukh Khan songs. Love these lines very much which perfectly describe my present predicament : 

Jispey Hum Mar Mitey 
Usko Paata Bhi Naahin 
Kya Gilaa Hum Kaarein 
Woh Bewafa Bhi Naahin 
Humney Jo Soon Liyaa 
Usney Kaaha Bhi Naahin 
Aae Dil Zaara Soch Kar 
Pyaar Kar 
O Ho Ho Pyaar Kar...  

Good Night,
With Love, Kisses, Moonbeams and Rainbows,
Raj Gaurav Debnath


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