9 May 2013

Helplessly Yours...


Every year on HIS birthday I go to Jorasanko Thakurbari in the morning and then to Rabindra Sadan. Entering HIS house on this day is really a magical experience. Cannot describe it in words. It doesn't matter whether I go there with a friend or I'm alone, and inspite of the crowd all around the place, I've always felt that I'm holding HIS hand and HE is walking with me from room to room. Simply Love this huge photo of the Tagore Family Tree.

When I was a child and was gradually discovering HIM, it seemed to me that if a person reads only HIS works, then it doesn't matter whether or not that person ever again reads any other book in the whole world. All the philosophies in all the books throughout the universe can be found in HIS works. 

We, the Bongs, may not have much to show-off, but we have HIM. What more do we need? HE is there for us for our each and every need. Even when I have nothing in life, I have HIM, and therefore I am the richest person alive. 

My First-Love, circa 2001, wanted a Time-Machine to go back in time and marry HIM. We were both in Class-XI then. I first fell in Love with her by simply hearing her voice over the landline phone. At that time I hadn't even seen her. I had got her landline number from a mutual friend and had then called her for friendship but in the process fell madly in Love with her. Mind you, in those days there were no Orkut or Facebook. We met around six months later during the Durga Puja. That is another wonderful story full of the greatest surprise of my life and will be the topic of a future Blog-post. Anyways, when we first became friends over the phone and fell in Love, without seeing each other, at that time I was coincidently re-reading SHESHER KOBITA because she had pointed out a great similarity between our own reality and HIS fiction. Now all of you who have read this novel, have you read about HIS first basic idea for this novel's plot in Nirmolkumari Moholanobish's "Kobir Songey Dakhhinatye" book? The first basic idea revolved around the friendship between a man and a woman over the landline phone. Both haven't met before. And then they meet accidently after quite a few days in Shillong after a mild car-accident.   

HIS KONIKA is my most favourite because the greatest truths of the universe were written in the shortest lines. Reading KONIKA will make you a wiser person. In my adolescent days when I first read the following four lines, I almost fell off the chair.

Chholona :

Songsar Mohini Naari Kohilo Se Morey 
Tumi Aami BaNdha Robo Nityo Prem Dorey 
Jokhon Furaye Gelo Shob Lena Dena 
Kohilo, Bhebechho Bujhi Uthitey Hobey Na... 

How true. How very true. Universal Truth. If one doesn't fall in Love, one cannot write poetry. And HE must have fallen in Love so many times to have written so much poetry. Imagine HIM trapped in HIS 'saint-like' image desperate to break-free. Post 1941, the high-priests of society had put HIM on a pedestal and invented a GOD-like image for HIM, and in the process, we Bongs failed to accept HIM as a flesh and blood MAN.  

And finally watch this immediately. 

PS : I have been visiting Academy of Fine Arts, Rabindra Sadan and Nandan-Chottor regularly and religiously for the last ten years. Have always seen a wonderful man wandering there lost in his own thoughts and singing only rabindrasangeet without a care for the whole wide world. His name was most probably Dibyendu Mukherjee. Everyone used to call him Mukherjee da. The last time I interacted with him was a few years back. Since then I haven't seen him again. Someone told me that he is no longer with us physically and has left for a higher musical domain. May his Soul rest musically in rabindrasangeet forever...

PS : And the only solution for Mankind to achieve everlasting World-Peace is through TAGOREAN UNIVERSALISM...



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