24 May 2013

Give the Anarchist a Cigarette


Happy Birthday Mr. Tambourine Man. Have loved all your albums from your very first one till the recent 'Tempest'. Whether your songs have acoustic or electronic music, have always loved them no matter what. You also deserve the Nobel Prize for Literature. 

When I was in my early teens, the time was mid 90's, in those days I had no opportunity to listen to your songs. After hearing these two lines by Anjan Dutta, "John Lennon-er sochchar bhalobasha, Bob Dylan-er obhimaan; hoot korey bhalolegey bhalobeshey kauke, tarahuro korey lekha gaan", I made it a point to collect and listen to all your songs as well as Lennon's songs. 

Also loved Kabir Suman's "Uttor O Toh Jana" and "Bidaay Porichita" songs. He also wrote about you in many of his books and once when he was in U.S.A. he tried very hard to get an interview with you. Sadly that interview never materialized. 

In my teenage-hood days I had to record your songs from a music shop in our neighbourhood on a tape cassette. In those days we didn't have a cd player at our home, what we had was an old cassette player only. Plus in those days English audio cds were very expensive and I couldn't afford them.

In later years I had the chance to collect all your albums. MP3s came into our lives. A friend of mine had given me a cd which had all your studio albums in the MP3 format. I used to listen to them day in and day out. Your uncanny voice and your unique music blew out my brain. I used to go on the internet and read your lyrics in various websites while your songs played in my computer. I used to read about your songs and their background stories in Wikipedia and other websites.   

Loved D.A. Pennebaker's 'DONT LOOK BACK'. 

Loved Martin Scorsese's 'NO DIRECTION HOME'. 

Loved Todd Haynes' 'I AM NOT THERE'. Loved Cate Blanchett in it. 

P.S. : Also salute to our very own Lou Majaw, fondly called the Bob Dylan of Shillong, for being a beautiful human being and a wonderful musician; and for organising the Bob Dylan Jayanthi every year since 24th May 1972 in Shillong. Loved the documentary on him titled "Forever Young" by Ranjan Palit. I have always wanted to go to Shillong on this day but never had enough monetary resources. Hopefully I will go next year...

P.P.S. : I strongly believe that our very own Kabir Suman also deserves the Nobel Prize for literature...


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