6 July 2016

The Maggi Club


As a child I was a member of the Maggi Club. I was born in 1982 and the very next year Maggi noddles was launched in 1983.

Children below 14 years were invited (by press ads and leaflet distribution in schools) to become members of the Maggi Club. The invitation was also there on the back of the Maggi packet. The child had to send 5 Maggi logos cut from the wrappers to an address, most probably in Delhi, by post. One could also send 5 empty wrappers, no need for cutting and handling scissors.

The members received a club membership card and a list of gifts of fun activities. Some of the gifts were: Snap Safari Game, Disney Today Comic, Standees Set, Cap and Mask set, etc. The more empty wrappers you sent, the more gifts you received.

Here is my Maggi Clubber Card. My membership number was 766679. But unfortunately my name was wrongly written as Raj Govram. Anyways it did not matter as long as I kept on receiving wonderful and fascinating gifts from Maggi. 


I remember receiving so many gifts over a long period of time. My childhood was really magical, thanks to Maggi. The gifts were really entertaining. And Maggi was really yummilicious.

P.S. : Ban or no Ban - Maggi is still yummilicious, just the way it was during my childhood days... 



  1. Hi Raj,

    Thanks for sharing your blog. I was thrilled to see the membership card. I too had one and use to get lot of games from them.

    I am 38 now and have to kids of age 7 and 4. I hope maggi starts the club again. My kids would love it.

    1. Thanks for reading my Blog... I really miss the Maggi Club... Do you still have your Maggi Card?

    2. No I don't. But I wish my son and the daughter had one. They still laugh at the Maggie Club..

    3. Ok... Maggi should again start that Club for today's children...

  2. Holy moly! I remember getting this card in the 80s, as well as all the cute little items, thanks for bringing back those memories.