5 July 2016

Chitto Da's Shop and Juice Gulli


Recently I went to Chitto Da's shop at Dacres Lane after ages. Ordered bread and chicken stew. It cost me Rs. 72. Within a few minutes it was delivered to me. I went and sat on the wooden bench opposite to the shop. The chicken was soft and the stew was heavenly. Clicked some pics.

Dacres Lane is located between Esplanade East and Waterloo Street. The lane is very old. The street was named after Philip Milner Dacres, who was the Collector of Calcutta, around the 1700s. Nowadays the lane has been renamed to James Hickey Sarani. But people still call it Dacres Lane. Dacres Lane is a favourite place for food mainly for office goers. The lane is surrounded by many private and public offices. The area is also known as Office Para. Dacres Lane, with its hole in the wall eateries, is also referred to as Tiffin Galli. 

Chitto Babur Dokan is very old, almost around seventy years. His name was Chittoranjan Roy and he passed away in 1999. But his shop is still the most famous eatery on Dacres Lane. They also have branched out to a restaurant near by named SURUCHI. Its actually named Chitto Da's SURUCHI. 

After some time, since many people were having tea, therefore I also ordered a cup of tea. The tea was nice.  

Clicked some more pics.

Anyways from Dacres Lane I went to Juice Gulli. Its on Sido Kanu Dahar Lane at Esplanade East. Had a mango shake there. It was worth Rs. 25. The mango shake was simply yummilicious. Clicked some pics here too. 


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