17 July 2016

Independence Day 1 and 2


I watched 'Independence Day' at Lighthouse Cinema on 8th April 1997. I was around 14 years old then. This was the first time that I saw an English film in a cinema hall. I had gone for the evening show. I had written down this date in my diary. I was tremendously excited. Loved every second of the film. Didn't take my eyes off the screen for even a split second. I didn't want to miss even 0.000000001% of the film. It was a very good film. Loved Will Smith in it. 

In those days Lighthouse used to showcase the best of Hollywood movies. Lighthouse, along with obviously New Empire, were the best destinations for English films. The day Lighthouse closed down forever on 22nd February 2002, I felt great pain and extreme sadness. It was as if a part of my childhood was being murdered. Somethings shouldn't change because Calcutta is actually described and defined by them. Without them Calcutta would no longer be Calcutta.

As a revenge I have never shopped at the Esplanade CitiMart which has taken Lighthouse's place. I have also requested my friends and relatives to never shop there. I really miss Lighthouse. Today when I see 'Independence Day' on various TV channels, I immediately get emotionally transported to that special evening of 1997. 

A few weeks back I watched 'Independence Day 2' at New Empire. I could have watched the film at South City Inox, which is nearer to my place, but I chose to watch it at New Empire, simply because it is adjacent to the erstwhile Lighthouse Cinema Hall. The sequel came after almost twenty years. It is a good film but somehow I like the first one more. Maybe because I am emotionally attached to it. Once I came out of New Empire, I started missing Lighthouse even more...


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