1 April 2013



Enjoyed the WORST MOVIE of 2013 to the fullest. It really takes a lot of himmat to watch HIMMATWALA from the very first scene to the very last in a cinema-hall. It could have been a great tribute to the cinema of late 70's and early 80's with nostalgic retro-brush-strokes but failed from the word 'action'. Kehne Mein Kya Harj Hai, Sajid Khan is the worst director presently in Bollywood and no matter how hard he tries, he is nowhere near the mass-magic of 90's David Dhawan. Though I've always loved Sajid's shows on TV more than all his films combined. Remember a particular episode which was dedicated to plagiarism in Bollywood music. 

However there were three positives of the evening. 

The first one about whom I am not going to write anything here as it is too personal. 

The second one was Paresh Rawal's comic timings. In one scene Mahesh Manjrekar is travelling by a horse-driven carriage and Paresh Rawal comes running alongside it. Mahesh asks him whether he needs a lift and Paresh in his inimitable style says, "Mein LIFT le ke kya karunga, mein toh Ground-Floor pe rehta hoon". 

and wait for it...

The third one was the official theatrical trailer of GHANCHAKKAR which came during the interval. Enjoyed this two and a half minute trailer two and a half thousand times more than the two and a half hour film. A crazy, quirky, hilarious concept for a movie. Seems like it could be inspired from some other film made in some other part of the world but for now I am giving it the benefit of doubt. The scene where Emraan Hashmi and his two friends rob a bank wearing Amitabh Bachchan, Dharmendra and hold your breath, Utpal Dutt masks is pure magic. Also there is Vidya Balan with her dirty-picturesque and curvaceous Midas-Touch. Loved the GHAJINI joke too. And the title song "Ghanchakkar Babu" is still playing inside my head on a continuous loop. Eagerly waiting for the soundtrack by Amit Trivedi. After gems like AAMIR and NO ONE KILLED JESSICA, Rajkumar Gupta is on a hattrick and is going to gift us another wonder. 

Generally people love to hate Emraan Hashmi but I've always liked him from his very first film FOOTPATH whose one particular scene is still fresh in my memory. Also loved the song "Sari Raat Teri Yaad". It will be pleasantly surprising if he is seen in Danis Tanovic's next project.  

The last time a film trailer had such an impact on me was that of BUDDHA HOGA TERA BAAP which made me count seconds for the launch of the film's soundtrack and especially the title song. And here is that first teaser, though the film failed to live upto our expectations...


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