19 August 2016

Happy Birthday To Rahul


This is an imaginary story about a man's birthday. Any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental. 

At the stroke of the midnight hour, when half of the world was either sleeping or surfing the internet or ogling through random female profiles on Facebook or watching 'Naughty America' videos, Rahul got a call from Priya. It was his birthday. She called to wish him. She was the first one to wish him this year. Rahul was expecting her call. He knew that she would be the first one to wish him. They talked for like half an hour. One by one messages started pouring in on his Whatsapp. He thanked them all and went to sleep around 3 a.m.

Rahul woke up around 10 a.m. His phone was already full of messages and missed calls. One by one he thanked them all. Around noon he went to South City Mall to meet Priya. It was their third date. As his birthday gift, Priya gave him a Van Heusen blue shirt and a birthday card. The shirt was full sleeved. Rahul actually never wears half sleeved shirts. He hates half sleeved shirts. The card was beautiful. There was a picture of red roses on the cover of the card. Rahul liked the sweet words that Priya wrote inside the card. She had a good hand-writing too. They had lunch at Mainland China. Then they went to see the film 'Mohenjodaro' at Inox. Rahul had already bought the tickets in advance. It was the first day of the film. There were too many ads shown before the film. Rahul hated watching so many ads.  

Rahul loved the film very much. It was an epic tale of love and revenge which ends with the destruction of the city of Mohenjodaro and the city dwellers moving on to form a new civilization on the banks of the river Ganga. Hrithik Roshan was superb, amazing and fantabulous in the film. He carried the whole film on his shoulders. Pooja Hegde looked fresh, sweet and innocent. Rahul instantly developed a crush on her and loved the kissing scene between Hrithik and Pooja very much. She looked so beautiful in that scene. Kabir Bedi was menacing. It was nice to see Nitish Bharadwaj (B.R. Chopra's Lord Krishna) on screen. The gladiator styled fight sequence was awesome. The climax was breathtaking. Only the music was a let down. The songs could have been better and were not up to the mark. From the Mozart of Madras, we always expect something divine. Unfortunately the 'Sarsariya' song was cut out from the film. 

Rahul is a huge fan of Hrithik Roshan ever since the days of 'Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai'. Over the years he has seen all the films of Hrithik Roshan and loved him in all of them, especially in 'Guzaarish'. Rahul liked the fact that 'Mohenjodaro' released on his birthday. He also likes Kabir Bedi a lot. He loves the man's voice, his height and his towering persona. Many many years back he had seen Kabir Bedi's film 'Lambu Dada' on Doordarshan and had liked it very much. On the other hand Priya is a huge fan of Shah Rukh Khan, like all other normal and abnormal girls.

After the film, Rahul and Priya went to Lords Crossroads and bought a heart shaped chocolate cake from The Sugar And Spice shop. Rahul just loves chocolate cakes. Priya insisted on paying for the cake. From there Rahul brought her to his place for the first time. At his home Priya put candles on the cake and sang Happy Birthday to him. He made a wish, blew at the candles and then he cut the cake with a knife and made Priya eat the first piece with his own hands. Then Priya made him eat the second piece with her own hands. Then he brought two glasses and a bottle of Thums Up from his refrigerator.

As they were sipping on Thums Up, Rahul asked Priya to give him his birthday kiss. She right away kissed him on his right cheek. Then Rahul forwarded his left cheek. After a slight chuckle she kissed him on his left cheek too. Rahul immediately forwarded his lips. This time she pushed him away. Rahul developed a sad, dejected and depressed look on his face. She started giggling. In her heart she wanted to kiss Rahul's lips but then also wanted to tease him a bit too. So after a few more rounds of giggles and a few more sips at Thums Up, she finally kissed him at his lips. Their first lip kiss lasted for a few minutes.

Once kissing was over, Rahul switched on his TV and surfed through the music channels. They ended up watching the Bollywood songs of the nineties. Both of them were feeling nostalgic. In between the hindi songs there was rampant kissing too between the birthday boy and his new girlfriend. However they did not proceed beyond kissing that day. Sometime later he switched off the TV and switched on his laptop. There was Priya's picture as his laptop wallpaper. She really liked it and gave him the sweetest smile possible. He started playing Kabir Suman's songs and promised her that one day he would take her to a Kabir Suman concert at Kala Mandir.   

Around late evening Rahul and Priya went to Park Street on a Ola cab. Before leaving his bedroom, Priya combed her hair and applied red lipstick on her lips. Apparently Rahul had already eaten all her lipstick from her lips. Rahul changed his shirt and wore the blue Van Heusen shirt that Priya gifted him. Anyways in Park Street they walked hand in hand throughout its length and breadth. Since it was a Friday night therefore Park Street was pretty damn crowded. For dinner they went to Peter Cat. They had to wait for almost half an hour outside before they were allotted a table. Rahul ordered a Chelo Kebab for himself and Priya went for Chicken Sizzlers. For dessert they had Tutti Fruttis. Rahul just loves Peter Cat and has a special corner for this restaurant in his heart. He loves the restaurant's Menu Cards too. 

After dinner they went to Some Place Else for some time. It was very crowded. The music was loud. Priya didn't feel like boozing after dinner and neither did Rahul. They came outside and sat on the hotel's lobby. A lot of people, especially young girls were clicking selfies standing in front of the mirror and while sitting on those futuristic white round chairs. After some time Rahul and Priya came outside Park Hotel and took a cab. He dropped her home. Before leaving the cab, Priya kissed him on his lips one last time and again wished him Happy Birthday. Rahul came back to his place in the same cab and with a big smile all over his face. It was past midnight and his birthday was over...