8 June 2016

Golbari - Kosha Mangsho


Yesterday it rained a bit in the morning. Then it stopped. The weather suddenly became pleasant. The hot and humid Calcutta suddenly became Coolkata. For the last few days I was thinking of going to Golbari to have Kosha Mangsho. I haven't been there for ages. So I decided to go there. I took a Metro Train from Rabindra Sarobar Station and went straight to Shyambazar. Throughout the train ride, I was salivating thinking of Golbari's Kosha Mangsho. There was a pretty girl sitting on the Ladies seat. She was reading Fifty Shades Of Grey. But my mind did not pay her any attention. My mind was focused on Kosha Mangsho. Golbari and Kosha Mangsho are almost synonymous for Bongs. And Bongs have a special place for mutton in their hearts. In many Bong families, Sundays are synonymous with Mutton Curry.  

The train finally reached Shyambazar, after what seemed like an eternity. From the Station I walked straight to Golbari. The place was not that full of people. I immediately ordered Kosha Mangsho and parathas. I also ordered a chicken cutlet. The price nowadays is Rs. 211 for two parathas and four pieces of mutton. The chicken cutlet comes at forty bucks. Here you have to pay first at the Counter and then take a coupon and hand it over to any one of the waiters. I did the same and told the waiter, "Ekta Bhalo Boro Dekhey Noli Diyo". I went inside and sat in a corner on one of those wooden chairs. Clicked some pics of the restaurant and the Menu Board. This restaurant does not have fancy Menu Cards and fancy waiters. Here things are a bit rustic and old fashioned. There is also space crunch inside the restaurant. Here you are required to just come, pay, sit, eat and go.   

After around five minutes the mutton arrived in front of me. I started clicking pics of it. The mutton looked red, spicy and mouth watering. The two parathas were soft. There were a lot of onions too on the plate. And a small amount of Imli Chutney. Looking at the food, my mouth involuntarily slurped. The succulent, juicy, fiery, divine, well-cooked mutton chunks were loosely attached to the bones. One piece was totally boneless while the other three had bones attached to them. One of them was a big piece of Noli. The four pieces of mutton were floating on the thick, dark, red, velvety, oily, spicy, greasy gravy. There was so much oil that it could solve India's energy crisis! 

I could not control myself anymore. I felt like jumping on the mutton pieces. I immediately tore off a piece of paratha and drowned it in the gravy and put it in my mouth. Then I tore a bit of mutton and put it in my mouth. It felt as if heaven was melting inside my mouth. The food was so tasty. The mutton was simply delicious. The Cook was having a good day at the office. Now the chicken cutlet arrived. It was hot. The plate had onions and mustard sauce on it. I clicked its picture with my left hand. I tore off a piece of the Cutlet and drowned it in the mutton gravy and put it in my mouth. I was having the best of both the worlds. La Dolce Vita!

The bone marrow inside the Noli, the cylindrical bone, was yummylicious. It was simply out of this world. I kept on sucking and sucking at it till I could suck no more. I left it bone dry. The boneless piece of mutton was soft like a new born baby's cheek. The two parathas were soft too. A bit of ghee was smeared on them. There was too much onion on the plate and I avoided it. Not because I was going to kiss a girl later on but simply because I don't like eating too much onion. 

I finished the food in no time. Then I silently prayed for the poor goat and the poor chicken. May their Souls rest in peace. I observed a moment of silence for their departed Souls. Then I washed my hands and clicked some more pics. I gave a ten rupee note to the waiter as a tip. On the wall they have put up a laminated article about this restaurant which was written by Nondon Bagchi for The Telegraph. It was dated 16th September 1997. 

I came out of the restaurant and clicked some more pics. 

And obviously there was the mandatory picture of Netaji... 


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