11 December 2013



Every year at the start of December I listen to the songs of Jim Reeves, Pat Boone and George Strait. I have been doing this for the last many years. 

On December dawns I usually take the first tram from Charu-Market and go to Esplanade. The slow ride through the fog makes the journey ethereal. The high-point is when the tram reaches the Race-Course area. 

On December Sundays I usually go to Territti Bazaar for delicious pocket-friendly chinese breakfasts. 

December makes me go to New Market. Pastries at Nahoum's. I love hanging out at the Sim-Park with a friend, preferably a female friend. 

December makes me walk throughout the length and breadth of the illuminated Park Street, especially in the evening. 

On Christmas Eve I usually go to St. Paul's Cathedral for the midnight mass. 

On Christmas I usually go to St. Xavier's College and enter our College Church. Love the huge decorated Christmas Tree on our campus which one sees upon entering from the front gate. I still love my ex-College very much and it is really the best place on this planet. Sadly only a few days back the College authorities have cut down that old tree. Really miss that tree a lot. 

On any one December evening I usually go and sit for some time at the park opposite Ballygunge Shiksha Sadan School and stare at the closed gate. More than ten Decembers back I had spent a lovely romantic evening there with my First-Love. I really miss her a lot. I still love her the same way.    

28th December makes me sad and nostalgic. That day I read the first page of my old Slam Book which was filled by my First-Love and then go to Menoka Cinema and have some tea there. 

Every year on 31st December I plan to watch theatre for the whole night but end up partying somewhere else...

(to be continued...)


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