1 September 2013

Aao Pyar Karen


A few days back on Facebook I saw a picture of a beautiful woman with a beautiful heart and a beautiful soul in a beautiful saree in this beautiful world. Instantly these two lines came to my mind :

Haas De Aap Agar, Baan Jaaye Daastaan 
Paalkey Joh Jhuki Kaahin, Jhuk Jaaye Aasmaan 

The above two lines are from the song, Chand Se Parda Ki Jiye, sung by Kumar Sanu, from the 1994 film Aao Pyar Karen. I had completely forgotten the song and it was totally out of my mind. Even I don't remember ever listening to that song on FM Radio in the last several years or watching it on any music channel. But that Facebook picture suddenly brought back this song to my mind in the fraction of a second. Ever since then I have been listening to this song almost hundred times each day. Just can't stop listening to it. And especially I love that Haas De Aap Agar... part of the song.

Another hit song from the same film was Haathon Mein Aa Gaya Jo Kal, Rumaal Aapka, again sung by Kumar Sanu. This song was also very nice. Though I haven't seen the film yet, but now I feel like watching it just for the sake of these two songs. 

PS : Staying in 1994, let me write about another song. For quite some time now, the song Aai Aai Aah Sorry Sorry was playing inside my mind. I could only remember that Akshay Kumar was in that song but couldn't remember the name of the film. So I searched through the entire soundtrack of all Akki's early 90's films and finally found out that the song was from the 1994 film Zaalim and was beautifully sung by Alisha Chinoy... 


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