9 July 2013

"Sundays..." Trailer


Attention!!! Attention!!! Attention!!! (^108) 

I proudly present my newest, spectacular, wonderful, excellent, fabulous, fantastic and fantabulous Blog-Post titled Sundays...!!! 

Inspired by a true story!!! 

Releasing at your nearest computer screens with internet connections on 14th July 2013!!! 

A Blog-Post of historic and nostalgic proportions!!! 

A Blog-Post which took two lengthy weeks to create!!! 

A Blog-Post which forced its Creator to travel and search for lost gems in the nook and crannies of Calcutta!!! 

A Blog-Post featuring rare three decades old pictures and previously unseen material in the world of Blogosphere!!! 

A Blog-Post which will be like a Time-Machine and will take you back to those golden 'Sun'-days, hours, minutes and seconds!!! 

A Blog-Post which will help you to 'Relive' your childhood and 'Relish' the 80's and 90's once again in a never before experienced journey down those hazy memory lanes and blurry skinny alleys!!! 

A Blog-Post from the Maker of such 'BLOG-buster' epics like Music World : End of a Musical EraMegh Peon-er Bag-er Bhetor Mon Kharap-er Dishta, Monochrome to Polychrome and Back, Gangs of Social Media : IPL, Ray Day, Y2K Onwards, Eden Gardens Diary, Tears and Sanjay Manjrekar's Rest Day !!! 

Wait for it for just a few more Days... 

The Wait will be Worth it...


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